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Let the Journey Begin
It All Starts With A Phone Call
After you fill out the form you will be asked to schedule a phone call with one of our pool consultants. During the phone consultation we will go over the information you provided and answer any questions that you may have.  If  our services match your needs we will then schedule an in-home visit.  This is because before providing you with any numbers we will need to see where you will be placing the pool, the size of yard, easements etc.
Estimate and Consultation

During the in-home visit we will go over your vision of the project, Then we’ll get measurements and photos so that we’ll have all the details that we need to assist in your design.  After that is completed we will take a few minutes to go over our process with you and what you can expect moving forward.


We will then provide you with an estimate. We always provide Free estimates which will include the price at which we can do the project and a basic pool design. For an additional charge we can do a more detailed design with plans and if you decide to move forward with us then the charge will go toward the purchase of the pool.


We will then have a conversation about the estimated cost so that we can refine what your desires are for your project to make sure they line up with your budget before we enter in the next phase of the project which is the planning and design.

Phase One:  Planning and Design
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Now  you have you have chosen us to built the pool of your dreams it's time to get to work. We will immediately begin preparing your paperwork and plans. We will meet with you and go over the design and materials. We will then put together the design and plans. When you have signed off on the final design we will then submit the plans and paperwork to the city for permits.
Things that will be accomplished in planning and design phase: 
  • Pool Design
  • Project Plans
  • Obtain Permits
  • Order Materials
Phase Two:  Excavation, Rebar & Plumbing
We will then meet meet with you a day or so before the excavation to mark the lines of the pool and go over any questions that you may have and get your final approval.
On the day of the excavation, we will set up a laser level to ensure that we are digging the pool at just the right debts and that the pool is level.  On most pools we'll be done with the excavation on the same day, but on larger pools or when we run into rock or sand stone it can prolong the excavation a few days.
After the pool is dug we will then start setting up the forms and we'll begin installing the plumbing. After the plumbing and forms are completed we will form the shape of the pool with rebar and the electrician will be out to bond the pool. The electrician will then call for the first inspection on the pool bonding.

Things that will be accomplished in excavation, plumbing & rebar phase: 
  • Mark out the lines for the pool and get customer approval
  • Dig the pool according to the plans and specifications
  • Complete the Forms
  • Install light niches and run the conduit lines
  • Complete the Plumbing
  • Shape the pool with Rebar
  • Bond the Pool
  • Pressure Test Plumbing for Leaks (We will keep pressure in the lines for the remainder of the project)
  • Call for pool bonding inspection
Phase Three:  Gunite
After the city inspector has passed the boding we will then have a gunite crew come in to complete the gunite shell. This is when the pool really starts to take shape. It is a good idea to water the shell twice a day for the first several days to prevent cracking, especially during really hot summer days. The gunite will have to cure for about a week before we begin the next phase which is tile and coping.

Things that will be accomplished in the gunite phase:
  • Schedule gunite
  • Meet with the gunite crew the day the gunite is being shot
  • Water the gunite shell twice a day for a week
  • Order tile and coping delivery
Phase Four:  Tile and Coping
After the pool shell is completed it is time to start installing the coping and the tile and making the pool look pretty. We will cut the tile and coping to fit perfectly around the pool and place them permanently with mortor and thinset. This phase will take about a week to complete.
Things that will be accomplished in tile and coping phase: 
  • Install the Coping
  • Install the Tile
  • Install stone facing around walls and spas
Phase Five:  Decking & Equipment
The concrete company will usually come in during the tile and coping phase and start grading and forming for the pool decking. We will meet with you one last time before pouring the deck to go over the slope of the concrete and make sure that we have the right dimensions and drains in the right place. Then the concrete company will be out to pour the decking.
After the decking is completed we will start installing the pool equipment and control panel.  The electrician will be back out to finish wiring the equipment and lights and order the next inspection.
Things that will be accomplished in decking and equipment Phase: 
  • Grade and Form for the pool deck
  • Install drains and rebar.
  • Meet with customer prior to concrete pour
  • Install Pool Equipment
  • Call for inspection
Phase Six:  Plaster
The majority of the plaster will be done in one day and then they will be back the next day to acid wash the pool and start filling it up. This is when the jets and faceplates will be installed. We will give you instructions on how to care for your new plaster and it is important that you follow the instructions. If you have doubts you may consider hiring a pool maintenance company to ensure that the pool chemistry remains correct during the curing period
Things that will be accomplished in the plaster phase: 
  • Prep the pool for plaster
  • Apply the plaster
  • Acid wash the plaster the next day
  • Install faceplates and start filling the pool
Phase Six:  A Finished Product!
The Pool is finally finished and looking beautiful! It's important that that you refrain from swimming until the plaster cures, around 2 to 3 weeks. During that time you will need to brush the walls to knock off any loos plaster and make sure that the chemistry is properly maintained. Your project manager will schedule a pool school with you to go over maintaining the pool and using the pool equipment.
Things that will be accomplished at the completion of the project: 
  • Pool chemistry is maintained during curing period
  • Walls and floor to be brushed periodically 
  • Pool school with the customers
  • Go swimming!!!

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